Arctic Paper S.A., Q3, 2023: Our focus on margins continues to be successful

  • Q3 consolidated sales revenue amounted to PLN 854.8mn (EUR15mn).
  • EBITDA in Q3 was PLN 124.5mn (EUR12mn).
  • EBIT in Q3 was PLN 95.0mn (EUR17mn) and net profit PLN 58.2mn (EUR1 12.7mn).
  • Continued focus on margins: The consolidated EBITDA margin reached 14.6 percent.
  • Energy investment in Grycksbo adds revenue streams and enhances competitiveness.
  • Net debt PLN -306.7mn (PLN -199.6mn), net debt/EBITDA at new record low of -0.59 (-0.22).


“Our focus on margins rather than volumes continued to be successful and is helping to strengthen the Group at a time of significant investment in line with our strategy.”

Michal Jarczyński, CEO (see letter from the CEO on page 2)


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07 November, 2023