Environmental policy

The mills of Arctic Paper are situated in beautiful natural areas, close to watercourses. This is why ecological thinking has become second nature to us. Everything we do first takes into consideration protection of the environment, to limit our use of resources and energy and find ways to maintain a sustainable development. The climate is a part of the environment why we also share the responsibility for mitigating the effect and courses for the global warming.

Our policy is demanding
All our measures are based on our environmental policy: every company within our corporation shall actively preserve a good external and internal environment. Before any decision on investment or change of process is taken, the environmental consequences shall be thoroughly evaluated. This shall be done in collaboration between the company management, the employees and the local authorities.

What we do, our suppliers do
The demands we put on ourselves, we pass on to our suppliers. Our environmental thinking shall as far as possible be the rule outside our company. Every step in the chain, from raw material sourcing to suppliers must live up to our high demands.

Arctic Paper's Environmental Policy
The Group strives in its operations to promote environmental protection, an efficient utilization of resources and energy, and sustainable development. The Board of Directors, Group Management and Mill Management share the overall responsibility for environmental issues. The manager of each mill is ultimately responsible for ongoing environmental work.

Each company in the Group must act to maintain a good external environment and a good working environment. The companies must act continuously to improve the internal and external environment within the framework of what is technically and economically feasible.

At each stage of the process, from the purchase of raw materials for manufacturing through quality development, marketing and distribution to end customers, the overall aim must be: the least possible environmental impact on water, air, climate, ground and noise levels.

Our purchases of pulp follow an inquiry into the origin of the forest raw material used to produce the pulp. When selecting pulp we endeavour to purchase pulp from sustainable managed forests. We therefore buy pulp from certified and controlled sources.

Before a decision is made as to new investments, new or modified processes, or major changes in the manufacturing process, issues relating to the working environment and the external environment must be assessed in the form of an environmental impact analysis, including energy consumption and evaluated in collaboration with management, authorities and employees. Environmental factors are taken into consideration when marketing the Group's products.

The Group undertakes long term environmental planning and monitor developments in these matters, both in Sweden and Poland and on an international scale, as well as monitoring and participating in research projects in this area. The Group must have an open, objective approach to internal and external environmental information.

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