Our Policies

Code of Conduct

The Arctic Paper Code of Conduct describes the fundamental rules of behavior which applies to all Arctic Paper employees and everyone who represents Arctic Paper. We are committed to have a fair and ethical conduct in our dealings with all stakeholders. Code of Conduct policy

Environmental policy

The mills of Arctic Paper are situated in beautiful natural areas, close to watercourses. This is why ecological thinking has become second nature to us. Everything we do first takes into consideration protection of the environment, to limit our use of resources and energy and find ways to maintain a sustainable development. The climate is a part of the environment why we also share the responsibility for mitigating the effect and courses for the global warming. Environmental policy 

Diversity policy

At Arctic Paper, we believe that the diversity of our workforce is a strength that enables the organization to grow. In addition to the talent and competencies employees bring to the table, it is the diversity of gender, age, education or background, and therefore experience, that leads to greater openness, improved work or new solutions. This translates into our performance and Arctic Paper’s competitive advantage. Supporting diversity also allows us to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Diversity policy


Sustainability policy

For Arctic Paper, sustainability is the foundation of our business: we believe that you can’t run a business without considering the organization’s impact on the environment and society. We want to leave the smallest possible footprint, while having the greatest possible positive impact on our stakeholders. This is our responsibility as a company which employs more than thousand employees around Europe, supplies its products to customers around the world, and whose production process is based on the use of renewable raw materials. Sustainability policy


Whistleblowing service

Arctic Paper strives to maintain a transparent business climate and a high level of business ethics. A number of policies, internal requirements, laws, rules, and routines govern the operations of Arctic Paper. Our aim is to act with transparency and we want our employees and other stakeholders to experience participation in the business. Whistleblowing service