Arctic Paper S.A., Q2/H1 2023: Focus on future growth opportunities in weaker market

  • Q2 consolidated sales revenue amounted to PLN 836.2mn (EUR13mn).
  • EBITDA in Q2 was PLN 68.9mn (EUR19mn).
  • EBIT in Q2 was PLN 39.3mn (EUR15mn) and net profit PLN 46.9mn (EUR1 10.2mn).
  • Net debt at PLN -134.1mn (PLN -12.6mn).
  • Dividend of PLN 2.7 per share was distributed according to the dividend policy.
  • Despite weaker demand, agile production management and cost effectiveness resulted in an EBITDA margin of 8.2 percent.
  • Focus on long term strategic initiatives to diversify towards green energy and packaging.
  • After the period, a decision was taken to invest SEK 285mn in energy production in Grycksbo.


“We continue to focus on expanding our energy segment as an important step towards climate neutrality and as an additional future revenue stream.”

Michal Jarczyński, CEO (see letter from the CEO on page 2)


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10 August, 2023