Arctic Paper S.A., Q1 2021: Arctic Paper is stronger than in many years

  • Q1 consolidated sales revenue was PLN 782,8mn (EUR1 172,2mn).
  • EBITDA Q1 was PLN 72,2mn (EUR1 15,9mn).
  • EBIT Q1 was PLN 43,2mn (EUR1 9,5mn) and net profit PLN 32,3mn (EUR1 7,1mn).
  • Continued recovery while the effect of rising pulp prices is delayed due to contractual terms.
  • High capacity utilization of 94 percent in the paper segment and growth within kraft paper.
  • New five-year financing agreement totalling PLN 300 million at better terms.
  • New strategic group R&D function established to accelerate development in packaging.


“As pulp prices rise, the balance between pulp and paper segments is shifting, but the benefits of combining paper and pulp remain significant.”
Michał Jarczyński, CEO (see letter from the CEO on page 2)


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11 May, 2021